• Alone on an island, you reflect on all the decisions that led you to this point in your life. The time that was wasted, the signs you ignored, the tiny little cracks that began shifting you away like fault lines along the western states. Sometimes it feels too late to make the changes that will bring them back.. That will bring yourself back. The ship has already sailed; but you never would have boarded it anyway. Ankle deep in the cloudy water that’s just cold enough to nip at your skin, you’re reminded that the daylight is about to disappear over the horizon. You look up and see a solar flare erupt from the orange sun as it retires for the night. You begin to realize you are but one tiny spec, roaming across another tiny spec in a giant ocean of nothing. That is unless you are able to live your life for something more. If you are able to connect and stay connected to the people you love. The people that keep you grounded in what’s real. Build your raft. They’ll be waiting.