• Ellie (Don't x Loyal) (Go Periscope Remix) - Eastside

    Hey guys,

    Fall has always been one of our favorite times to write new music. It must be something about the seasons changing and how all of the trees and hillsides start to look like an oil-painting out here in the Pacific Northwest. This fall has started out really well for us. Between writing new originals we stumbled across this song, Ellie, by the brand new artist Eastside. (An extraordinary new band, I expect big things from them.)

    Immediately after hearing the song I texted Seth and Florin and we agreed we had to remix it. Seth laid out an awesomely-tropical base for the song, and we spent a day in the studio recording extra bits of guitar and percussion. We are all really proud of how it turned out. Give it a listen and if you like it, please spread it around!



  • TENMOER transports the tropical vibes of Wait for You into the Breakfast Club era, with 80s-esque synth lines and a nostalgia-inducing bass groove.


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  • Wait For You (Copperkit Remix)

    Welp, the summer has finally come to an end. At least the season is officially over… however we prefer to keep the summer feeling going year-round. To help make that happen we will be releasing two new remixes to our song Wait for You on October 1st. Hopefully the tropical vibes keep you warm as the weather turns gray.

    Want a sneak preview before then? Check out this remix by Copperkit.

  • Feel Good (Go Periscope Remix) - GOLDHOUSE

    A summer-inspired take on Goldhouse’s single, “Feel Good”. This track ebbs and flows throughout it’s duration, featuring darker textures on the intro and bridge that build to a crescendo of melodic, funky guitar licks and syncopated piano chords.

    Download it free, here:

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