• Teddy Geiger - Walking In the Sun (Go Periscope Remix)

    Check out our official remix of Teddy Geiger's “Walking In the Sun.” If you aren't familiar, Teddy is an insanely talented dude, who writes and performs some seriously soulful rock and pop music. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to team up and take his song in such a different direction. We pursued a chill-wave meets trap sound, that I am in this moment dubbing “Trill-Wave”… or “Chrap”.

    Let us know what you think. 



  • Top 10 Songs of 2013

    2013 has been another exciting year for us. We released a free mashup album, a few new songs, some remixes, and got to play sets in front of incredible fans and with inspiring artists. Thank you for all of the positive support over the last year. You are the fuel to the fire.

    As this year comes to an end, we decided to make a list of our favorite songs of 2013. Some of these songs are by artists we’ve worked or played shows with, some are by artists we hope to work with someday, and some are by people we’ll probably never meet. But ALL of these artists made songs that ARE MY JAM!


    (And that’s the collective “my”, because saying “our jam” just didn’t sound right.)

    We hope you like ‘em.

    - GP

    (Click each image to launch a video of the song.)

    10. Sintra by Flume


    9. À Tout à l’heure by Bibio


    8. Blew My Mind by Dresses


    7. On Our Way by The Royal Concept


    6. An English House by Gold Panda


    5. All Me (feat. 2 Chains, Big Sean) by Drake


    4. Wait For Love by St. Lucia


    3. Fifteen (feat. Chela) (Oxford Remix) by Goldroom


    2. Mechanical by Oliver


    1. Don’t Call It Love (12” Version) by Zero 7


  • Can this lyric just die already?

    I’m a firm believer that songs can make you want to put your hands up without the lyrics explicitly telling you every thirty seconds to, “put your hands up”… This is the most overused lyric in anything EDM related. Please, let’s just have this term die out.

    … And enough with songs referencing “molly” to seem edgy or whatever. That shit got old before it even started.